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For our design of communication course in ParsonsParis, we were asked to create a logo and design identity for Le centquatre located in Paris. After researching the institution and its history I decided in my design I wanted to focus on the multi-media nature of the place by using the 3 primary colors that can make every color. I also was at first inspired by the square shapes of the bricks that were used in the construction of the building. But then my project shiffted to the idea of interconnectivity, the 0 in the logo can also be read as a C as in CentQuatre.

I wanted to create a visual identity influneced by modernist and Bauhaus graphic
design artists such as Jens Müller, Julius Wiedemann and Anton Stankowski. Initially my idea was to use primary geometry shapes for the logo but it evolved into

using only square as my main shape.

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