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What are dreams? And how similar are our dreams compared to each other?

Dreams: Part 1/ Paris is a 9-minute film featuring interviews with everyday Parisians about their dreams and aspirations in life. It is meant to be the first installation of a trilogy in which I interview strangers about their dreams in Sofia, Tehran, and Paris, the cities where Maryam has lived. 

For our Studio and Lab course at Parsons Paris, we were asked to create pieces centered around Urban feedback in relation to the city of Paris. To combine the themes of desire and dream with Urban feedback, I came up with the idea of asking the people of Paris what are their dreams in life. I chose three well-known public locations: Les Tuileries, Palais Royal Garden, and Luxembourg Gardens as my primary locations to film and interview. As a way to make the process easier for the interviewees, I chose to only record their voices to keep a sense of anonymity. I recorded footage in the same locations but with different people to use in my film. Other than the audio I chose a musical piece called Valse Pour Fracois by a French composer, Jacques Pellarin, as my background sound.

Overall by creating this film I wanted to bond we the people I share this city with. I wanted to know more about their dreams. I wanted to evoke a sense of curiosity about the things that motivate us the most in life.

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