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Modern Lamassu: Protector of Data is a project for my Core Studio course at Parsons Paris. The main subject of this project is Instagram Advertising. I was inspired by the Lamassu. It is an ancient deity in the Assyrian religion, but other cultures have also had their own variation of the Lamassu. Between 5th and 9th century BC the tall statues of the Lamassu were placed at the entrances of cities to protect the citizens from intruders. The Assyrian Lamassu has body of a lion or bull, bird wing and head of a human. There are two Lamassus being stored at the Louvre Museum currently. I made multiple trips for this project to look at the Lamassus and sketch. From my Core Lab course with is connected to the Studio I found out that I can ask Instagram to send me the information it has of me. It sends you a series of links to webpages and show the user’s data. I extracted the code of those pages using the “inspection mode” and wanted to use them for this project.

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